Friday, July 22, 2005

That's hot

Another great turnout last night with 14 Bettys, including two newbies Marget and Tricia. It was hot, hot, hot. So thank heavens for Lydia's post-ride tip, "The Whore Bath:" Face, Pits & Crotch. A semi-clean paper towel or Purell moist towelette will do the trick smartly. Or shall we say "tartly."

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_gidget said...

Hey, picked up some great products for "The Whore Bath"- Stridex facewipes to go- single wraped gentle 4"x4" wipes for the bike pack- also Pond's clean sweep towelettes in a nice plastic container for the car. Wonder if they work on chain tattoos? Let's try them out next week.