Monday, July 11, 2005

I love Bob Roll

I love how he says "Tour DAY France," and how those two English guys cringe every time does.

It's hard to imagine this guy actually was a tour rider himself in the olden days. On the incredulity scale, it's right up there with imagining Archie Bunker as a tour rider.

Al Trautwig asks him if he thinks the riders notice the faces of the spectators as they fly by them. This reminds Bob of a story (I love it when Bob tells stories). He thought he was hallucinating when, out of the corner of his eye, he spied a bear along the side of the road. Turns out there really was a circus in town with a dancing bear.

I love Bob Roll.

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Jane M. said...

I loved it tonight when Bob spoke a sentence that lasted for about three minutes and took no breaths whatsoever nor used any punctuation that I could discern.