Sunday, September 18, 2005

Grape Betty coming up

Next weekend is the Naples Grape Festival, and traditionally the Bettys have hosted a ride around Canandaigua Lake on the Sunday, with a stop in Naples for grape pie, and a picnic at the end at Kershaw Park. We’ve been fortunate to have good weather each year, and hopefully this year won’t be any different.

Several folks from other cycling clubs and events have joined us in the past, some coming from Syracuse, Buffalo and beyond. Let’s start a little later this year to give those from out of town a chance to join us.

In the past we’ve parked in the Kershaw Park parking lot but I’m suggesting we park in the parking lot behind McGregors – it’s the old Wegman’s parking lot, and it’s access is just before McGregors, on the left. Drive as though you were going to Kershaw Park and you’ll see McGregor’s on your left, across from the Canandaigua Inn. This way we are taking up lots of parking spaces in the Kershaw lot.

The route we’ve taken is down the west side and up the east side, and that seems to work for everyone. There are a few alternatives along the way we’ll share before we start that make the ride even nicer. This route is about 45-48 miles, with two long climbs (Miller Hill and the climb out of Middlesex). For those who want to add miles, I’m researching some alternatives to add 10+ miles before Naples so that we can all meet up in Naples for the ride back. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

We’ll try to leave on time so if you are running late please call Ginny (585-314-7364) so we’ll know to wait for you.

So here are the details:

Sunday, September 25
Parking lot behind McGregor’s (old Wegman’s lot)
Bring food for a picnic at Kershaw Park at the end of the ride if you like!