Tuesday, July 26, 2005

if it is dessert, we will find it

Originally uploaded by Jane Milliman.
Kate, Gidget and I rode from Caledonia down to Wyoming, the Gaslight Village, yesterday. (Luckily for us) nothing but nothing was open. We decided on the off chance to call the well-known Hillside Inn, and they were serving lunch! Yay! But not so yay: they are at the top (not on the side) of a really - big - hill. By the time we reached it, we desrved that exquisite Key lime Pie with raspberry purée. Oh my goodness. The actual lunch was good too, though it involved shrimp, which Gidget regretted on the ride home.

This place was great! The rooms were very, very beautiful. Take your husband! For more pictures, click here.

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mapquestbetty said...

Looks like the "Wonka" has a rival! Sounds like a fun ride. Sorry to have missed it.