Monday, June 13, 2005

Tour de Torture

Well you all made the right choice about bagging the Tour de Cure - not because it isn't a VERY worthy cause but because the weather SUCKED! The first 20 miles in the rain weren't so bad because it was hot and the rain felt good. Then the sun came out...holy sauna, Batman! Even my eyes were sweating. Then the sun went away...that seemed nice, until the heavens opened up. The last 40 miles were in full-on down pour with the occasional lightning bolt (you know how much I like lightning) for incentive to put the hammer down and get back. The silver lining was I reached a new personal best...5 hours/10 minutes for 100 miles. Man, I hate thunderstorms!


kate said...

awesome!yay ginny!

Jane M. said...

That's great! Lightning is an excellent motivator.